CUT Senior Stylist Top Stylist
Ladies’ Cut
(*Shampoo & Blow dry included)
$80 $100
Men’s Cut $70 $90
Kids Cut(Up to 12 years) $60
Student Cut(Up to 18 years) $70
Fringe Cut $20
Eyebrow Cut $10

Argan Oil Color $140
Argan oil is natural oil extracted from the kernels of argan trees in Morocco. Rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin E, beneficial for hair and skin. COVO has developed a new colouring technique using argan oil to make hair shinier and softer.
Argan Oil Color(Touch-up) $120
Highlight Color (Full) $180~$400
Design Color(Ombre/Balayage etc) $180~$400
Bleaching $180-$400
Vivid Color(Semi-permanent Color) $180~
Fiberplex $20
Perm $180
Digital Perm $280
Volume Rebonding $390
Rebonding $310
Point Perm $100~
Digital Perm(Fringe) $100~
Rebonding(Point) $100~
CARE Digital Perm/ Rebonding(Tokio de SINKA/ADVANTE) +$50

X Treatment $210
X Treatment Plus $310
X Treatment is from Japan and uses plant stem cells. Recommended for those who have damaged hair from frequent chemical use.
NOV Treatment
*2nd NOV Treatment within 10 days : $130
The treatment neutralizes the damaged alkaline hair to the original acidic PH and reforms the microstructure to its original shape. Unruly waviness reduces and hair will have gloss and softer texture.
TOKIO INKARAMI Treatment $180
$200(*Treatment Only)
Patented Japanese hair treatment to replenish lost keratins and interlocks them using the technology “INKARAMI”, and finally seals up the cuticle by replenishing the lost CMC. It restores damaged hair back to the original healthy hair, allowing hair to regain strength, silkiness, shine, and moisture.
In addition to the effects of the popular Tokio Inkarami treatment, Tokio Inkarami Advanced treatment smoothes uneven hair and provides more intense, longer lasting moisturization. It smoothes unevenness, suppresses dryness and makes the hair shiny and supple.
KERASILK Keratin Treatment $330
Eclasta Treatment $60
$80(*Treatment Only)
Eclasta Silky Treatment $90
$110(*Treatment Only)
The treatment improves hair strength by 127% by repairing the damage source, and supplements nutrition that makes hair glossy and shiny.
Scalp Deep Cleansing Spa $60
$80(*Treatment Only)
Hair Arrangement $100~
Shampoo With Carbonated Spring Water $0
Shampoo & Blow dry
Finish by Hair Iron
Shaving by Shobu $60
Appointing Stylist $0
On-site Service $100
* No extra charges for long hair.
* All prices are GST-inclusive.